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Manage multiple services within a single environment and even a single fleet.



Broaden your Reach and Boost Utilization

Make the most of your fleet with Launch Mobility’s MultiService capabilities. With MultiService, boost your fleet utilization and operational efficiency by targeting multiple market segments at once. Courting commuters during rush hours and delivery drivers midday? Target and engage unique groups of users with multiple service offerings that meet their distinct needs. 


Your Services, Your Way

MultiService brings you unparalleled flexibility in creating your market offering. Offer multiple services in a single app or create unique experiences for your customers. Share vehicles between services or dedicate vehicles and continue to benefit from managing a combined fleet. Start with a MultiService offering or grow your business as you gain a feel for what the market needs. No matter how you choose to offer it, MultiService will diversify your product offering and expand your appeal to a wider range of customers.

Keep it Simple

MultiService is supported by Launch Mobility’s LM Mission Control center. Easily navigate your operations, streamline communication, and manage your entire fleet with LM Mission Control. This functionality gives you unprecedented opportunities to gain efficiencies from shared support services, both at HQ and in the field.


Rethink what’s possible and get the most from your fleet with MultiService.

Learn how

Launch Mobility

helps you boost profitability with MultiService

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