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How Pico is Delivering Emission-free Peace of Mind during COVID-19

Unprecedented Disruption

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives and the global economy in shocking ways. Running from an invisible enemy, consumers have sheltered inside. For those who must venture out, mass transit no longer seems like a safe method of transportation. But given economic realities, many commuters simply can’t afford to purchase a new vehicle, nor pay for gas or parking. Even smaller personal transportation, like a moped, may be out of reach.


Cities and states have mandated restaurant dining room closures, leaving these establishments vulnerable to disrupted cash flows. Shoppers have even shied away from grocery stores, seeing these places as vectors for the novel coronavirus. Overnight, last mile delivery heroes have become some of the most essential personnel in our society. Thanks to the prevalence of new delivery services, communities struggling with unemployment rates near 20% have a temporary work solution, but workers still may struggle with access to a reliable vehicle necessary to do the job.


Every Challenge is an Opportunity

Enter Pico. Pico is a subscription solution for seated electric vehicles (SEVs) such as e-mopeds. Subscribers get access to their own quiet and emission-free vehicle with up to 30 miles of electric range, a top speed around 30 miles per hour and the availability of optional delivery accessories. Vehicles can be conveniently charged from a standard wall outlet and locked or unlocked via the Pico app. For all this convenience, Pico is the ultimate in affordable personal transportation - subscribers can get their own Pico for as little as $29/week with no long-term commitments.


Born as a solution to help students deal with the realities of campus life - the need to get around freely; living on a limited budget; and limited, expensive parking - Pico came to life during the pandemic and immediately became the ideal fit for a post-COVID transportation solution. Whether looking for an open-air alternative to mass transit, an affordable alternative to an expensive gas guzzler or a vehicle to support a temporary delivery gig, Pico fits subscribers’ needs to a T. 


Freedom When We Need It

In a time of immense uncertainty when people are searching for peace of mind, Pico makes freedom of movement accessible to all and allows subscribers to take control of their own social distance. Just as importantly, Pico represents hope that delivery subscribers can take control of their earnings situation and pivot quickly when economic conditions become obstacles. 


Built on Launch Mobility’s Subscriptions solution, Pico is designed with freedom and flexibility in mind. Subscribers can shop and complete the entire transaction in the Pico app, including opting for vehicle delivery to their home for an additional fee. Each week, Pico processes an automated payment for the subscription and the subscriber receives an updated invoice in their app. The subscriber can opt out and return the vehicle at any time.


Everything's Under Control

Pico runs its operation from the LM Mission Control tool, optimized for subscription management. From LM Mission Control, Pico can manage business results, customer details, and operation activity at its fingertips. Pico is alerted when a new customer starts the subscription process, when a subscription is ready for delivery or when a customer is falling behind on a payment. Pico can even remotely track or disable a vehicle when the need arises. This enables Pico to take quick action and provide a very high level of customer satisfaction.

With Launch Mobility’s Subscriptions solution, Pico was able to adjust quickly to address the needs of a post-COVID world. Pico is delivering freedom of movement and financial flexibility when we need it most.

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