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Your VaaS Operating System

Launch Mobility Platform

Proven VaaS Technology

Launch Mobility is the industry’s most complete Vehicle as a Service (VaaS) Platform and Operations Services provider. The company was founded 5 years ago with a vision to expand the reach and impact of new mobility technologies. We work with some of the most forward-thinking brands and fleet operators in mobility and thrive on innovating together. Launch Mobility's mission is to jumpstart and scale the transportation industry's adoption of connected, electrified, and shared VaaS.

Launch Mobility harnesses the power of connected fleets and leverages decades of operational experience. We deliver VaaS solutions that drive value through higher asset utilization and lower management costs. Our complete tech solution increases access to personal transportation and delivers meaningful operational improvements to our clients.

The Mission

Transportation is amazingly inefficient. Environmentally, financially, technologically. Launch Mobility is here to improve transportation efficiency by enabling the adoption of connected, electrified, shared - and eventually autonomous - vehicle as a service.

Four Keys to Platform Excellence

We do so by providing a flexible Platform that connects our clients with their customers, stakeholders and partners. The Launch Mobility advantage lies in the core capabilities of our Platform:

1. Reliable Source of Truth for Data 

A key function of the Launch Mobility Platform is its ability to ingest multiple sources of data, normalize the data with its core databases and sync with other systems and services. This ensures both data consistency across services and a unified, comprehensive view of the world and enables you to make the best decisions for your business.

2. Expandable and Customizable

Our platform can be integrated with other world class business tools, as well as proprietary data sets, to ensure you can personalize your operations processes and coordinate with your other business functions. We integrate with a wealth of 3rd party tools for your business, including connected vehicle telematics, CRMs, background check services, maintenance providers and more.


3. Fast Experimentation and Iteration 

Our native engines and integrated modules feature a modular design that allows us to deploy them quickly to support many different business models. This enables us to get you running quickly and start learning by doing. But our engagement doesn’t stop there - we’ll bring learnings back from your pilot experience and iterate your product offering until you have it tuned for scale.

4. Based on Operational Experience

The Launch Mobility Platform sets itself apart because it was designed based on years of experience running VaaS operations. We’ve architected the Platform for customer support efficiency and fleet performance as well as customer ease of use. Choose a platform you trust from partners who’ve gone where you are heading.


Learn how Launch Mobility’s Integrations can help take your business to the next level.


Car Park

Industry Leading Administration Hub: LM Mission Control 

Quick, Decisive Action

LM Mission Control gives you a 360-degree view of what’s happening with your operation by providing key real-time information. Designed by operators for operators, LM Mission Control facilitates interactions with both customers and fleet. Manage your customers’ or users registration, booking activity and automated payments​. Stay informed with alerts of important events and take action before a problem arises.


Built for Scale

Expand LM Mission Control with a host of integrations, including vehicle telematics, customer relationship management, customer support ticketing systems and surveys. Interact with live GPS, fuel, diagnostic data and more. Normalize and combine customer and vehicle data for the clearest view, on demand

Cutting Edge User Experiences: LM Mobile Apps 

Trusted by the industry's most progressive brands and utilized by tens of thousands of drivers, the LM Mobile Apps deliver the best vehicle sharing, rental and subscription experiences. 

Users are able to register themselves, book vehicles, pay for services, access and enable locked vehicles all from your smartphone app.

You decide whether registration is completely automated or requires your approval

Is Launch Mobility Platform The Right Fit For You?

In addition to our award-winning technology, Launch Mobility offers optional Operations Services to provide seasoned program support. Leveraging our team’s collective decades of experience, we tailor programs to client needs. Optional Operations Services may include operations setup, management, consulting and training, or contact center services. Together with the Platform, Ops Services makes Launch Mobility the most comprehensive solution in the industry.

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