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Thank you.

I’ve tried to be quiet recently, careful to make room for the communications these unprecedented times require. While I’ve been quiet, I’ve been observing. And a lot of what I see is beautiful.

I’ve seen communities work to protect themselves from harm. I’ve seen volunteers step up and care for the sick and elderly. I’ve seen families come together and share their days with each other. I’ve seen teachers find new ways to help children learn. I’ve seen people getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors. I’ve seen residents find ways to support local businesses. I’ve seen healthcare and other indispensable workers carry on their work with bravery and purpose.

So it seems right to take a moment to say Thank You.

Thank You volunteers for providing help to those in need.

Thank You parents for giving comfort and security to your children.

Thank You teachers, at home and in virtual classrooms, for sharing your wisdom.

Thank You to all who are supporting local businesses with patronage, charity or policy.

Thank you healthcare and emergency professionals for risking yourselves in service to the community.

Thank you transportation professionals for moving goods so we can shelter in comfort.

Thank You everyone who’s disrupted their routines to give our world time to heal.

Inspired by You, I want to ask a simple question: “How can we help?” If you are an organization that needs help providing essential transportation during this challenging time, or know of one, please reach out to me directly at Maybe we can help or know someone who can. And for all you’re doing, Thank You.

Paul Hirsch




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