Want to jump-start your rental business?

LM Boost™ makes shared mobility easy.

Connect your vehicles, build your business, and grow your customer base

Reservation and customer management

Drivers can sign up, book, and pay all through our intuitive app. Meanwhile, you have full control and visibility on how your vehicles are utilized and who your customers are.

Manage your fleet in high definition

With LM Mission Control™ you have full control over driver, vehicle and reservation activity. When equipped with optional telematics devices, you'll have a remarkable view of how your fleet is performing.

Flexible pricing & payment tools

Collect your customers' payment info through the app and automatically charge them when they're finished with their rentals. You can even build in special rules to flexibly support promotions, credits, and special fees.

Connected cars & keyless entry

Enable GPS tracking and vehicle data collection, or even vehicle door lock/unlock directly from drivers' smartphones by pairing LM Boost with optional telematics devices. 



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