Want to build a system unique to your business?

Launch Mobility helps you get there faster.

Leverage LM's core assets, build custom tools, and drive a unique customer experience

Built atop our core assets...

LM Mission Control

  • Robust fleet management tools

  • Business configuration and setup

  • Customer profiles and control

User Friendly Apps

  • Reservation booking and management

  • Payments and invoice processing

  • Unlock-with-phone remote access

  • Driver's license scan and sign-up

Backend Services and APIs

  • Vehicle hardware integration & telematics

  • Alarms and notifications

  • CRM and helpdesk integrations

  • Reporting and consolidation

Build what you need

White label for your brand

Unique user experiences and sign-up flows

Custom tools, dashboards, and reporting

Integrations with 3rd party products

Robust API support

Custom business rules and configurations

And more...


Launch Mobility's team of operations experts have years of experience consulting, managing and staffing multiple mobility operations. Whether you’re looking for a bit of setup advice or full-service operations support, we’ll work with you to design an offering that fits your needs. Some services include:

  • B2C Contact center and customer support

  • Centralized fleet management support

  • Marketing campaign management

  • Business process consulting and design

Ask us for more detail on our Operations Services below.



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Animo is an innovative collaboration between automotive manufacturers, captive finance companies, dealerships and Launch Mobility. Launch Mobility owns and operates Animo, a car share for rideshare drivers.

Built on the Launch Mobility technology platform, Animo makes vehicles available to rideshare and delivery drivers via technology-enabled car share. With the Animo app, qualified drivers are able to access high-quality vehicles remotely - with only their smartphone - and earn money working on services such as Uber, Lyft, or Postmates.

Animo provides qualified clients an opportunity to gain valuable experience and data in mobility services before committing to a custom program. To learn more about how you can participate in Animo, contact us.

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Animo car sharing

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