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Mobility-era Innovation to

Revolutionize the Rental Industry

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Advanced Rental

Customers First?

Rental options have looked the same for a long time - you request a vehicle class, head down to the rental office, wait in line, and then start the process all over again - Name. Driver license. Credit card. Sign these forms. You requested a midsize; we don’t have midsize.


Time for a Fresh Start

Bring your rental program into the mobility era. The Launch Mobility Platform is designed to support highly automated vehicle sharing services, and we’ve brought that same innovation to location-based rentals. Turn your operation counterless by moving reservations and payments all into a convenient mobile app or online site.


Run Your Service in the Cloud

Run your entire operation from Launch Mobility’s LM Mission Control center. With LM Mission Control, you can interact with your users, manage reservations, and control your fleet remotely from the comfort of your desk or tablet. Integrate connected car data, receive alerts and manage your service personnel to ensure your operation runs smoothly.


Tailored Innovation

Start with new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction, and then keep on innovating. Whether it’s a commercial rental environment or other purpose-built use cases, we’ve designed unique feature capabilities, such as driver pools, dispatch or tracking to elevate your product offering. 

Bring your rental program into the future and outpace the competition with Launch Mobility.

Ready to put your customers first? 


Learn how LM Crew is redefining Commercial Rental 

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