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Case Study

How RiderClub Reduced Inventory Costs while Giving Members More Choice

The Leader Looks to Continue Innovating

MotoLease is the market leader in motorcycle leasing. MotoLease originates indirect lease contracts through a network of over 1,000 new and used powersports dealers throughout the United States.


Financing Opportunities Create an Opportunity

Motorcycle riders typically have multiple bikes in their garage and a desire to try new bikes, but high purchase costs, steep depreciation curves and difficulty selling their bikes for the prices they want make ownership difficult. What’s more, the process of finding and funding a new bike is full of friction, from locating the vehicle you want, to credit checks, payment and pickup.


In order to deliver a solution to meet this demand, MotoLease was forced to explore new business models. They needed a way to reduce inventory risk and carrying costs, while also keeping application processing costs down. Furthermore, MotoLease needed to maintain low credit risks in the face of lower upfront payments. And, most importantly, the new model should be a user-friendly experience that keeps customers highly engaged.


RiderClub Feeds Members' Need for Speed

MotoLease developed RiderClub to fill these needs. Built on Launch Mobility’s Subscriptions chassis, RiderClub offers its members access to an incredible inventory of powersports vehicles via a monthly subscription that includes delivery, a limited warranty, routine maintenance and roadside assistance included. With no long-term contracts, members have the flexibility to trade up, try something new, or return their vehicle at any time. 


The entire transaction, from searching a huge inventory of vehicles, to credit check, contract signing and payment, happens within the RiderClub app built by Launch Mobility. The vehicles, which are sourced from auctions around the country, are delivered straight to the member’s door, making this the most convenient way to acquire a vehicle in the entire powersports industry.


Launch Mobility Adds Efficiency with Integrations

RiderClub is able to minimize inventory costs by partnering with leading auctions to identify availability. Launch Mobility built a custom integration with auction API to source vehicle availability, which flows directly into the RiderClub app. Non-members are able to see what types of vehicles are available at any given time; once they sign up for membership, they are able to search bikes, ATVs and more with actual photos and vehicle information. By the time RiderClub acquires a vehicle, it is ready to be shipped directly to the customer.


Launch Mobility has also implemented third-party and credit check and payment solutions to streamline the entire decision, pricing and payment process for customers. Utilizing Launch’s flexible architecture, RiderClub has tailored a number of integrations to their specific use case. Customers can proceed through the entire subscription process from the RiderClub app, never needing to speak to a representative unless they choose to.


RiderClub manages its operation from Launch Mobility’s LM Mission Control tool, optimized for subscription management. From LM Mission Control, RiderClub has access to their entire vehicle portfolio, business results, customer details, and operation activity at its fingertips. RiderClub is alerted when a new customer has started the subscription process, when a subscription is ready for delivery or when a customer is falling behind on a payment. This enables RiderClub to take quick action and provide a very high level of customer satisfaction.



By utilizing Launch Mobility’s Subscriptions solution, MotoLease managed to create an all-new product that improves sales, management efficiency, customer satisfaction and engagement, while simultaneously reducing risk all the way around. RiderClub is a great example of what VaaS can do for your business.

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