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Introducing Launch Mobility

The Mobility Era is dawning

I’m very excited to announce the debut of Launch Mobility! For the past few months, our team has been building a platform to advance the new era in personal transportation - one that’s sustainable, economical, and scalable. Launch Mobility intends to do that by enabling the broad deployment of shared mobility services with technology that’s flexible, data-friendly, and intuitive.

There’s a lot of talk about shared mobility’s role in the development of smart cities and commercialization of autonomous vehicles. McKinsey estimates that shared mobility and data connectivity will generate $1.5 trillion per year worldwide by 2030.

But despite that market potential, more cars park at Disney World on a busy day than were shared across the entire United States last year.

Why? A big part of it is the technology. The rigid toolkits currently available on the market require would-be operators to spend big on software development in order to customize their solutions. And given the lack of experience in the space, operators often struggle to build tech that meets their needs.

As former operators ourselves, we saw a massive opportunity for a flexible solution that allows these businesses to define their own creative entry into the mobility services landscape. So we built it.

Launch Mobility’s platform supports full-service mobility operations and integrates world-class mobility tools, all while putting the power of data into our customers’ hands. Paired with a consultative approach to custom service design, we’re enabling our customers to dream big and bring new mobility innovations to life.

More details coming soon, including big news about our first project!

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