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Paul Hirsch
CEO, Launch Mobility

Why Do Fleets Turn To Launch Mobility?

Launch Mobility provides Fleet Operations software that automates usage & management with Vehicle-as-a-Service as a core innovation


Improved utilization

Launch Mobility’s main goal is to increase the utilization of your fleet vehicles. We do so by leveraging our digital reservation system to create purposeful bookings (think hours not days), ensure adherence to your reservation rules, and enable automated vehicle scheduling. We put the power of virtual keys in your control, releasing you from the burden of shuffling physical keys around. Instead, Launch Mobility will automatically assign the right driver access to the right vehicle. 

Additionally, with a comprehensive view of how your vehicles are allocated, fleet administrators have full control to take action over the fleet at any time, from assigning vehicles and keys remotely over the air to even revoking keys when reservations are not properly returned. As a result, fleets can drive per vehicle utilization (the actual time a vehicle is doing its job) much higher than manual processes would ever allow. 

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Efficient operations management

Launch Mobility delivers valuable automation with a self-serve workflow that saves you time and money. Via the Launch Mobility mobile or web app, users you pre-approve may:

  1. Book a vehicle based on your reservation rules

  2. Access virtual keys for a keyless driving experience

  3. Perform a virtual walkaround and submit photos

  4. Report any observed damage remotely

  5. Transmit GPS, odometer and other data passively to your desktop via telematics


Lower total cost of ownership

Optimizing your fleet with Launch Mobility will lead to significant cost reductions. By taking advantage of the efficiency gains you will achieve with a highly-utilized fleet, you will be able to make the right-sizing, right mix, and resourcing decisions that, with only moderate changes, drive savings of $2,000 or more per vehicle annually.


Better end user experience

Advanced digital pooling systems like Launch Mobility make sharing seamless, and even enable myriad hybrid solutions that incentivize departments to share. Pooled vehicles can result in cost savings so significant that departments can’t help but buy in.

Car Park

Industry Leading Administration Hub: LM Mission Control 

Quick, Decisive Action

LM Mission Control gives you a 360-degree view of what’s happening with your operation by providing key real-time information. Designed by operators for operators, LM Mission Control facilitates interactions with both customers and fleet. Manage your customers’ or users registration, booking activity and automated payments​. Stay informed with alerts of important events and take action before a problem arises.


Built for Scale

Expand LM Mission Control with a host of integrations, including vehicle telematics, customer relationship management, customer support ticketing systems and surveys. Interact with live GPS, fuel, diagnostic data and more. Normalize and combine customer and vehicle data for the clearest view, on demand

Cutting Edge User Experiences: LM Mobile Apps 

Trusted by the industry's most progressive brands and utilized by tens of thousands of drivers, the LM Mobile Apps deliver the best vehicle sharing, rental and subscription experiences. 

Users are able to register themselves, book vehicles, pay for services, access and enable locked vehicles all from your smartphone app.

You decide whether registration is completely automated or requires your approval

Is Launch Mobility Platform The Right Fit For You?

In addition to our award-winning technology, Launch Mobility offers optional Operations Services to provide seasoned program support. Leveraging our team’s collective decades of experience, we tailor programs to client needs. Optional Operations Services may include operations setup, management, consulting and training, or contact center services. Together with the Platform, Ops Services makes Launch Mobility the most comprehensive solution in the industry.

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