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About Us

With The Best Team In The Business, Launch Mobility Powers the Evolution of Vehicle Sharing and Fleet Management With The Industry's Most Complete VaaS Platform.

Our Mission

We started Launch Mobility with a vision to expand the reach and impact of new mobility technologies. While personal mobility is a critical piece of our transportation fabric, today it is incredibly inefficient.

At Launch Mobility, our mission is to enable a future where personal transportation is:

  1. Efficient,

  2. Equitable, and 

  3. Environmentally Sustainable

Launch Mobility is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

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Technology Guided By Experience

Launch Mobility harnesses the power of connected fleets and years of operational experience to deliver Fleet Operations technology that automates usage & management with

Vehicle-as-a-Service as a core innovation.

We demonstrate our technology's value to customers through:

  1. Improved utilization,

  2. Efficient operations management,

  3. Lower total cost of ownership, and

  4. Better end user experience.

Built For Operators, By Operators

Our team's expertise comes from leading mobility services operations of our own. We saw a significant need for operators to have more control in defining their service, with better operator tools and more data flexibility. 

That complete tech solution includes the Launch Mobility Platform, our LM Mission Control management tool, user-facing mobile and web apps that support a range business models, and integrations to world class solutions that support the mobility ecosystem.

Reservation and Fleet Management Software Dashboard for Fleet Sharing
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The Complete Package

In addition to our award-winning technology, Launch Mobility offers Operations Services to support our platform clients' businesses. Leveraging our team's collective decades of experience, we tailor programs to client needs. Ops Services programs may include operations setup, management, consulting and training, or contact center services. Together with the Platform, Ops Services makes Launch Mobility the most comprehensive solution for mobility.


​With Launch Mobility, you'll hit the ground running with the support of an expert team of operators. Now that's an unbeatable solution.

Our Leadership Team

Our skilled team has deep experience in platform development, new mobility models, analytics and operational excellence.

Paul Hirsch
Founder & CEO

Paul brings deep mobility services and automotive market expertise to his role as CEO. Prior to Launch Mobility, Paul started and grew Evercar, an electric vehicle car share that served the on-demand market for rideshare and delivery drivers. Prior to that, Paul led product planning for alternative powertrain vehicles at Toyota. Paul earned an MBA from Wharton and a B.A. in Economics from Claremont McKenna College.

Carlos Sierra
Founder & CTO

Carlos has 15+ years of advanced engineering, automotive and mobility experience. At Evercar, Carlos led technology and data science activities as VP of Engineering and Analytics. Prior to that, Carlos led alternative powertrain projects for Quantum Technologies. Carlos holds an MBA with honors from USC, an M.S. in Engineering from Michigan, and B.S. in Engineering with honors from Florida.

Nick Villasenor 
VP Sales Strategy

Nick has been an influential automotive digital marketing and technology sales leader throughout his career. Prior to joining Launch Mobility, Nick headed up sales strategy and operations at Roadster, the auto industry’s leading digital retailing platform. Before Roadster, Nick led Cobalt’s national and enterprise sales teams. He also oversaw CDK Global's inside sales organization, which included Automotive Retail and Digital Marketing divisions.

Osanna Piskoulian
Director, Customer Experience

Osanna brings over two decades of customer experience expertise to our team as the CX Director. Her journey spans from the dynamic world of financial services at Wells Fargo to the agile environment of startups like ServiceTitan. With a diverse background, Osanna has embraced various roles, from grassroots operations to steering large teams towards customer-centric excellence. Osanna is passionate about making a massive impact on every part of the customer journey here at Launch Mobility!

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Justin Gervais
National Sales Director

Justin is a seasoned leader in automotive digital marketing and technology sales. Prior to his role at Launch Mobility, he was a Sales Director at Roadster, and represented the Enterprise Sales Team at CDK Global. With a wealth of experience in the industry, Justin drives impactful change and innovation within automotive technology.

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Edison Galindo
Engineering Manager

Edison is a software engineer who is passionate about coding, distributed architectures, agile methodologies, test-based development, and automation. He has extensive experience in API architecture and design, web development, infrastructure management, and cloud scaling. Over the past 8 years, Edison has led engineering teams to build multiple products for disruptive startups.


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