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When will car sharing reach full speed?

When we launched our previous car share operation, my team and I explored a lot of potential technology solutions. We tried a couple options, but nothing won us over. There was no tool that could be used off the shelf; they all either lacked critical features, made it difficult to gather and analyze data, were too rigid to support an agile operation, or were prohibitively expensive. So we ended up building our own software around what already existed from our vendor of choice. The resulting solution was complex, expensive and clunky. We made it work, but it was a thorn in the sides of both our developers and our customer support team.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem. The need for unique tech development prohibits many startup operators from getting in the game. And when they do have the resources to put toward technology, their lack of experience leads them to build an inefficient solution. Until now, technology has been a major inhibitor to the growth of shared mobility.

Enter Launch Mobility. Based on our experience as shared mobility operators, we’ve built an all-new platform with flexibility, integration, and quality data at its core. Our goal is to drive broad expansion in the shared mobility space by making it easier to become an operator and start your own service.

The Launch Mobility platform offers an end-to-end solution that serves a wide range of mobility services and enables remote vehicle access, smart reservation planning, and robust fleet management capabilities. The platform includes modules for reservation management, payment processing, remote access, mobile applications, intelligent vehicle allocation, fleet management, tracking, and data collection.

We’re also building an environment where our clients can take advantage of the world’s best mobility apps to truly differentiate their offering. By integrating these tools into our platform, we empower operators to solve some of transportation’s biggest problems with innovative, tailored solutions.

Finally, we work with our clients to deliver the data and insights they need to drive key decisions. Whether the goal is optimizing the service or building datasets to power future development, Launch Mobility helps its clients grow into the future.

Developed by operators, Launch Mobility delivers the most operator-friendly mobility services platform on the market. Whether you’re an automotive OEM or a local operator, Launch Mobility can help you jumpstart your mobility service, just the way you envision it.

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