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Welcome LM Crew™ and Geotab Integration

From the start, Launch Mobility has been focused on streamlining the work of shared fleet managers. We do this by providing the Launch Platform, which powers a range of shared mobility business models, as well as Operations Services tailored to client needs. Our goal is to enable our clients to be the most efficient shared mobility operators in their respective markets. We keep this promise with a Platform based on years of operating experience. We even run our own 24/7 service, which gives us the fastest feedback loop around and drives a rapid innovation cycle that can’t be matched.

But what happens when your shared fleet clients are supporting corporate customers of their own?

Introducing LM Crew™ - a set of features to accelerate your journey into commercial rentals. With LM Crew, we’re introducing shared mobility to the commercial space and improving the experience for our clients who target their rental solutions to business clientele.

LM Crew includes a number of features to support your commercial customers. From our mobile apps, your customers will be able to:

  • Set up a corporate account

  • Create a driver pool

  • Invite and manage drivers

  • Assign and dispatch drivers

  • Maintain fleet admin control over reservations

  • Centralize payments

  • Track their drivers’ rental vehicles

LM Crew creates a greatly improved experience for you and your fleet customers. No longer will customers have to sit at a rental counter waiting for approvals or depend on drivers to make payments on their behalf. Instead, they’ll follow a simple registration process in your custom-branded mobile app. Drivers will show up pre-approved, prepaid and ready to drive. LM Crew will save both you and your customers time, and for both of you, time is money. When you deliver a great service, everyone wins.

To broaden our telematics options for commercial customers, we’ve also added support for Geotab Go® vehicle tracking devices. Integrating with Geotab enables us to support even more operations with telematics services, from heavy duty trucks to cargo vans and passenger cars.

We’re excited to be bringing shared mobility innovation to the commercial space. With LM Crew, we’ve made the rental counter obsolete. Your corporate customers will save time and money, and so will you.

Please let us know your thoughts on LM Crew! Contact us at and let’s start a conversation.

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