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An On-Ramp to Mobility: Introducing LM Ascend™ and LM Boost™

If you’re an independent dealer or rental company, you’ve survived and thrived through years of consolidation in the auto industry. As if life wasn’t hard enough with all of these buy-outs and mega-mergers, the recent addition of new mobility services like car-sharing and ride-sharing might feel like another existential crisis -- but there may be a way to turn this threat into a competitive advantage.

For consumers, transportation and mobility options continue to evolve – with ride-hailing, micro-mobility, and car-sharing all gaining mainstream adoption over the last 5-10 years. With these options available, traditional auto players are forced to level up their offering to meet the more sophisticated demands of their customers or risk being forced into extinction. Larger organizations may be able to stomach the investments in building the technological and operational capabilities needed to compete in this environment, but for smaller industry players, this can be too large of a burden.

As an owner of a dealership or rental business, making the leap is especially daunting without a definitive idea of where the transportation industry might go and what your role might be in that future. You may understand that technological change is necessary, but might not have the tools, skills, or funds to make that happen. It turns out that success in the automotive industry doesn’t necessitate success in the ‘mobility’ industry.

We’ve talked to a number of businesses, large and small, and recognized that even for those who have a clear idea of the mobility service they want to test or bring to the market, there isn’t a true on-ramp to mobility available. All the solutions require heavy investment and customization to even start to dip your toes in the mobility space.

That’s why we’ve leveraged our customized mobility solutions to develop and launch two base products, LM Ascend & LM Boost. With these turnkey solutions, businesses can start-up a keyless car-sharing, car-rental, or loaner service within a matter of days and without huge up-front costs. Customers (or employees) can use our app to remotely reserve and access your vehicles; and all payments, alerts, and business rules are managed centrally on the platform. Our solution is designed to work for your business out-of-the-box, and there are no commitments around the length of your contract, size of your fleet, or annual payments.

Testing and experimentation are core to the philosophy of our platform – and we want to provide you with the most streamlined and cost-effective tools to do that. Whether you are a rental company who wants to operate remote locations, a dealer who wants to streamline the loaner process, or a business that runs a corporate car share, we want to help you move quickly and learn how you can win in the changing mobility landscape.

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