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Pivot and Persevere?

A friend recently asked, “Given the turmoil in the market, are you staying the course or are you pivoting?” Immediately, the answer that jumped to mind is “We’re doing both.” It’s the same answer I would have given pre-COVID as well.

There’s no question that Launch Mobility is all-in on new mobility; it’s in our name and it’s in our DNA. And there’s no question that environmentally and financially sustainable personal transportation is a need that will endure. We’re committed to developing solutions for that need. That’s our North Star.

Yet, as with any new industry, we’re navigating uncharted territory. With unknown terrain ahead, we find ourselves testing lots of routes and course correcting often. Pivot is a possible outcome every time we test a new hypothesis about what “mobility” should be (and our vision is constantly evolving). This is why we prepare for the unknown, why we’ve built flexibility and agility into our technology platform. This is something that we do with our customers squarely in mind.

We recognize that our customers are on this journey with us; they inspire us with their conviction and ambition, and they need flexibility to react to their own market needs. We strive to bring the focus of a navigator but also the problem solving of MacGyver to our customers. Together, we make an unstoppable team.

COVID-19 may change how the mobility world operates in some ways, but it doesn’t change the need for mobility. In fact, economic challenges underscore the need for mobility as a service. So we’re staying the course - and, when necessary, continuing to pivot - to meet that need.


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