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What our Toyota Partnership Means for the New Era of Auto

I’m thrilled to share the news that we’ve partnered with Toyota Financial Services to bring shared vehicles to Toyota dealerships in the U.S. My excitement stems from how well the strengths of Launch Mobility and Toyota complement each other. I’m confident our combined efforts will lead to significant progress in the shared mobility space.

Launch Mobility allows Toyota Financial to move quickly and experiment with new mobility models. With Launch Mobility’s flexible platform, Toyota will quickly get vehicles in service, test their business hypotheses, and iterate through the development of their new mobility services.

In turn, Launch Mobility gets a true partner who shares our value for continuous improvement, as well as a conviction to innovating in the mobility space. With Toyota and its world class dealer body, we’ll start to prove out new paths to future success. Very few partners offer both Toyota’s pioneering will and massive scale, which will combine to drive real change in the new era of the auto industry.

At Launch Mobility, we believe that now is the time for OEMs to develop those critical skills that are required to compete in the access economy, as well as the autonomous future that lies just beyond it. These skills include service provision, fleet management, and data-powered operations, among many others. Launch Mobility is committed to being the best partner for OEMs - and other pioneering operators - to conceive, launch, iterate and grow their mobility services businesses.

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