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Animo is a Go!

Animo @Toyota of Santa Barbara

A few weeks ago we shared that Launch Mobility is working with Toyota Financial Services to address the need for affordable vehicles in the growing rideshare and delivery markets. Less than a month later, we're proud to announce that our new service is already up and running, accepting qualified drivers in the Santa Barbara, CA, area. We’ve named it Animo.

Animo is an innovative collaboration between automakers, dealerships, and Launch Mobility. The service makes vehicles available to rideshare and delivery drivers via technology-enabled car share. With Animo, qualified drivers are able to access vehicles at their local dealer - using only their smartphone - and earn money working on services such as Uber, Lyft, or Postmates.

This technologically advanced approach to rental unlocks great efficiency for all of our collaborators. It provides auto finance companies with a continuing revenue stream for their off-lease vehicles. Dealers get to tap into a new market with a product that offers broad appeal. And for the 80% of rideshare and delivery drivers who work part-time, finally there is a vehicle solution that doesn’t require a full-time commitment.

Animo is built on Launch Mobility's technology platform, the complete mobility services management solution. In addition to driver-facing apps, the platform features a robust toolkit for screening, payment, customer support, analytics and fleet management. Launch Mobility’s flexible architecture enabled Animo to add unique modules for processing driver approvals, sharing rideshare documents, and centrally managing local fleet operations.

Animo will be expanding soon and is actively recruiting dealers in the Los Angeles area and beyond. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Animo. For forward-thinking dealers, the future is here!

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