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For Government, University and Corporate Fleets

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Take Your Shared Fleet To New Heights

Ascend makes it easier to share vehicles with enhanced digital technology, including mobile and web applications that enable keyless access. Launch Mobility empowers fleet administrators with automation and modern tools that bring their entire ecosystem into focus.

Increase Utilization

For Public, University and Corporate fleet managers who need to increase fleet utilization and decrease management costs, Ascend is a fleet sharing and management solution that automates fleet usage and drives both operational and capital cost savings.

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Telematics Integrated

Deep telematics integrations enhance management capabilities, keyless reservation workflows and provide real time alerts



Take It To The Next Level! For Government, University and Corporate Fleets. Now Featuring BillingEdge.

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Let Launch Mobility help you automate and more efficiently track department cost allocation and generate internal billing reports. Save time, resources and simplify your accounting processes. 

Configurable Pricing Rulesets and SKUs

Configure and apply pricing rulesets and automatically associate them to specific user and vehicle groups. Enable seamless tracking right down to the individual reservations completed.

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Reservation Cost Summary

Administrators can structure, generate and save reservation reports for internal cost accounting. Include necessary categories such as the user group, individual driver data, reservation details, and a pricing cost summary. 

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Ascend+ Team Support: The Complete Package

In addition to our award-winning technology, Launch Mobility offers industry-best Customer Experience Team support to our Ascend+ clients. Leveraging our team's collective decades of experience, we tailor support programs to your needs. Together with the Ascend, CX Team Support makes Launch Mobility the most comprehensive solution for Corporate, University and Government Fleets. 

Optimize Your Fleet with Launch Mobility

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