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Launch Mobility powers a range of alternatives to traditional vehicle ownership and fleet asset utilization, enabling Vehicle as a Service (VaaS)

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What is VaaS?

VaaS Drives Right-Sized Customer Value

In a world of personal ownership, the typical car sits idle at least 95% of the time, generating no value. ROI, especially for increasingly electrified fleets is hindered by legacy processes and asset utilization approaches. With VaaS, service providers and fleet administrators elevate their value to the customer by delivering just the right form of transportation when it's needed in the form of car share, ride hail, subscription services, or a variety of other business models.


User Centered Economics

Customers pay per use and avoid shouldering the burden for all that unused time. In turn, service providers are able to turn their assets more frequently and generate revenue across a number of users. VaaS adoption is part of a more efficient and economical future.


Technology Driven Solution

VaaS leverages mobile interfaces, app-based payments, connected vehicle solutions, fleet management and customer tools, all found on the Launch Mobility platform. With these technologies in place, VaaS can become a self-service resource and scale rapidly to massive numbers of users.

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