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Who Benefits from VaaS?

Many Fleet Owners and Operators can Benefit from Launch Mobility's Solutions

Create New Businesses or Streamline Existing Ones

Whether you are developing a usage-based business model to revolutionize your industry or looking to slash operating costs, everyone who owns or operates a fleet can benefit from a Launch Mobility solution.


Launch New Mobility Models

Monetize your fleet with a Vehicle as a Service (VaaS) model that’s crafted with your target consumers in mind. With Launch Mobility’s flexible platform, you’ll call the shots on what is important to your business. Our technology adapts to you.


Boost Efficiency and Cut Costs

Streamline your fleet and user management costs with Launch Mobility. Designed by shared mobility operators, LM Mission Control combines years of experience, connected vehicle technology, and automated intelligence to help you shrink operations costs and get the most out of your fleet.


Move your Fleet Forward

New mobility operators and fleet administrators alike are benefiting from the Launch Mobility solution. You can too.

See how others are building mobility innovations with Launch Mobility.

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Launch Mobility can do for your business

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