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Elevate Your Fleet In 2024

Are You Ready For The Digital Fleet Management Revolution and Electrification? Read our latest 2024 guide for insights and tips that can help you along the journey.
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Pilot With Launch Mobility!

Change takes time. Let us help you discover how to get ready for the future.  

Access and enable locked vehicles all from your smartphone app. Fleet Managers turn to Launch Mobility's platform and operations experience to maximize efficiency, cost savings and productivity. Users in the field experience convenience and save time, eliminating process friction. Future proof your fleet, learn from our team of experts about a pilot today.

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When Is A Pilot A Good Idea?

Introducing new strategies and technology in stages can increase user adoption, limit disruptions and help you understand and plan for maximum benefit long term.  Launch Mobility makes getting started  easier with dedicated support, frictionless user experience and best in class management tools.

Here are a few reasons some of our clients decided to start with a pilot

Asset Utilization

Need To Increase Utilization of Shared Assets 

vehicle keys and a hand

Cost and Management of Physical Keys

Electric Vehicle

Modernizing or Electrifying Parts of Your Fleet 

fleet vehicles

Vehicle Battery Drain and Underutilized Vehicles

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Managing Reservations Manually or With Aged Software

fleet manager time consuming processes

Limited Human Resources - Redundant and Time Consuming Processes 

Validation of Concept

A pilot allows you to test the feasibility and viability of a software project's core concept in a controlled environment before committing to full-scale development. This helps identify potential challenges and assess whether the idea is worth pursuing further

Risk Assessment

Piloting software helps identify potential risks and issues that might arise during development and implementation. By testing a smaller version of the software, you can address and mitigate these issues early on, reducing the likelihood of costly setbacks down the line.

Process Development

Running a pilot provides an opportunity to gather feedback from users, stakeholders, and other relevant parties. This input helps you refine and enhance the software based on real-world usage and user experiences, ensuring that the final product meets user needs and expectations.

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