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On July 10th, our panel of Industry Fleet Management and Technology Leaders unpacked the topic of "Fleet Modernization" and give their perspective and advice. They discussed the many paradigm changes impacting management of commercial and public fleets: Vehicle-as-a-Service, enhanced pool fleet management, strategies to guide intelligent transition to EV / PHEV options and much more. 

Here are just a few sample questions they addressed in the impactful categories of:


How can data analytics and telematics enhance fleet management decision making?

What are the most significant tech advancements currently transforming fleet management?



How is the shift towards EV and sustainable practices impacting motor pool modernization?

What roles do training and change management play in the modernization of motor pools?

What Best Practices can agencies adopt to optimize vehicle utilization?



How can Government Agencies and Private Organizations Balance Investment Cost with Long Term Savings?

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