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The Command Center for your VaaS Operation


LM Mission Control

What is LM Mission Control?

LM Mission Control functions as the command center of your operation, giving you full power and control over your business, fleet and customer operations. LM Mission Control gives you a 360-degree view of what’s happening with your operation by providing key real-time information. Designed by operators for operators, LM Mission Control facilitates interactions with both customers and fleet, enabling quick and decisive action.

Take Control of Your Business

Manage your customers’ registration, booking activity and automated payments. Integrate your connected vehicles to interact with live GPS, fuel, diagnostic data and more. LM Mission Control normalizes and combines customer and vehicle data to give you the clearest pictures of what’s happening with your business at any moment. And when the unexpected occurs, take decisive control from the comfort of your desk or tablet. Stay updated with alerts of important vehicle, customer or booking-related events and take action before a problem arises.

Built for Scale

Expand LM Mission Control with a host of integrations, including vehicle telematics, customer relationship management, customer support ticketing systems, surveys and more. Harness your service’s data through a built-in dashboard as well as downloaded reports and customized data pipelines. With LM Mission Control, put the power of mobility in your hands.

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