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Offer the ultimate in self-serve personal transportation with Launch Mobility.

Vehicle Sharing

Why Share?

Vehicle sharing provides an innovative, efficient alternative to traditional rental and enables you to reach customers who need a vehicle for less than a day - even just a few minutes. Consumers enjoy a contactless rental experience for everything from passenger cars to scooters and bikes, to medium duty trucks.


Great for Users, Built for Scale

Your users will be able to register themselves, book vehicles, pay for services, access and enable locked vehicles all from your smartphone app. You control whether registration is completely automated or requires your approval. Customize your qualification requirements for additional peace of mind.


Simplify Your Startup

Just getting started or want to streamline your fleet management? A roundtrip, station-based model may be right for you. Your vehicles will live in defined locations where users will pick them up and return them after their use. In revenue-generating models, your customers will benefit by paying only for what they use.


Convenience Around Every Corner

For the ultimate in convenience, consider free-floating sharing, where users can pick up and drop off vehicles anywhere within approved zones. Free floating works for large fleets that users can conveniently reach on foot, or can be modified to support other models, such as one-way rentals.


Control in the Cloud

Run your entire operation from Launch Mobility’s cloud-based LM Mission Control center. With LM Mission Control, you'll interact with users, manage bookings, update business rules and control your fleet remotely from wherever you are. Integrate connected car data, receive alerts and manage your service personnel to ensure your operation runs smoothly.


Innovation Just for You

Launch Mobility develops solutions for all types of assets and use cases. Whether a public car share, scooter program, commercial rental, campus fleet or totally new experience, we’re here to help. Based on your needs, we’ll tailor your users’ experience to ensure that your service hits its target and you outperform the competition.

Questions about vehicle sharing and contactless rental?

Take the first step toward launching your shared mobility operation

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