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Introducing Launch Mobility Operations Services

When we started in the mobility business as operators, we solved some of the most operationally challenging problems out there: Shared vehicles. EVs. Rideshare. Round-the-clock operations.

We learned along the way that the market lacked access to the right tech: a platform necessary to manage every aspect of a 24/7, high-utilization, shared mobility operation.

So we founded Launch Mobility and built that platform, which is designed from the ground up to be the most intuitive and easy-to-use solution for managing your mobility business. We made it flexible and affordable, with the goal of promoting the broad deployment of mobility services across all types of business models.

While our tech makes it simple for an aspiring mobility services operator to launch a business, getting any new venture going can be a daunting task. Clients often come to us because they realize that the future of their business will require a shift to mobility-as-a-service, and they know it’s a critical time to start building a presence in the space. At the same time, they’re not sure where to start, they don’t know how to handle the human aspects of sharing, and often they aren’t prepared to build a team to support it. We get it: when charting new territory, uncertainty is the only constant!

That’s why Launch Mobility is now offering a full range of Operations Services to support our platform clients. Our optional Operations Services include:

  • Business design consulting

  • Operations setup

  • Call center services for customer support and engagement

  • Vehicle operations management

  • Introduction to shared mobility in our “living lab” environment, Animo

  • Business analysis

Launch Mobility is committed to the success of our partners’ businesses. In the mobility business, success requires both the right technology and experienced operations capabilities. We’re pleased

to introduce the market's first suite of solutions that addresses these dual needs.

Let us put our years of mobility operations expertise to work for you. With Launch Mobility Operations Services, you can get to market faster, learn how to build and train a high-performing operations team, and bypass years of costly trial and error en route to establishing a strong, scalable mobility business. Whether you’re looking for just a bit of expert advice or full service operations, we’ll work with you to design an offering that fits your needs.

With our Technology Platform, Operations Services, and Living Lab, Launch Mobility provides an unmatched suite of services to accelerate your new ventures and guide you toward leadership in the mobility age.

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