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Public Fleet Managers Have Increasingly Tough Jobs - We Need To Have Their Backs

Mobility Report From The Field: March 3rd, 2023

Fleet Managers have wanted to drive positive environmental change in their communities for decades. Now they are facing ever increasing pressure to make things happen. We are hearing this repeatedly at Launch Mobility as we increase our engagement with the public sector.

Fleet Manager
Public Fleet Managers Have Increasingly Tough Jobs

It’s a blessing and a curse - The mandates are inked, funding allocated, speeches are given…. But then all eyes turn to those in charge of execution. Fleet administrators, technology managers and scores of users in the field. This is where things can hit a wall. Legacy assets, systems, processes and routines can be a huge blocker to making progress against mandated goals… especially in the tight window given.

It seems totally achievable at first, but before you know it… we find ourselves up against the clock.

So here are some of the top issues that our Public Fleet partners are trying to tackle:

  • Emissions regulations: Governments and regulatory bodies around the country are increasingly imposing emissions regulations on fleets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. This can include limits on the types of vehicles that can be used, as well as requirements for reducing emissions from existing vehicles.

  • Fuel costs: The rising cost of fossil fuels are a significant financial burden for fleets, as fuel costs can make up a large portion of their operating expenses.

  • Sustainability goals: Many organizations have set sustainability goals, which can include reducing their carbon footprint and minimizing the environmental impact of their operations.

  • Public demand: As consumers become more environmentally conscious, they may be more likely to choose products and services from companies that prioritize sustainability. This can put pressure on fleets to switch to more sustainable vehicles to meet consumer demand and maintain a competitive edge.

  • Reputation: Finally, fleet managers face pressure to maintain their organization's reputation as socially responsible and environmentally conscious.

What are innovative and committed Fleet Managers doing about it?

  • Switching to more fuel-efficient vehicles or alternative fuel sources, such as electric or hybrid vehicles. Even partial fleet electrification can help their organization achieve reduction goals by switching to more sustainable vehicles and reducing their overall emissions.

  • Maximizing efficiency - this is a big one. Technology and process upgrades, especially in today’s smartphone fueled world can be the most inexpensive yet effective way to reach sustainability goals. Strategies like departmental motorpools, electric vehicle sharing and elimination of physical keys can bring a real jolt to ROI and employee/driver satisfaction.

  • Leveraging data and insights - A.I. is a big buzzword these days, (it is being served up to us constantly) but what does it mean? What does it do for us everyday? What many partners are actually doing is finding new ways to alert themselves to insightful and actionable data in real time. Being a step ahead of a problem that can cause a backlog is good preventative medicine for a high performing fleet operation.

  • Leveraging experience and expertise - There are many solid industry technology providers and well established operations doing really cool things. Don’t go it alone. Continue to talk to your peers. Participate in best practice webinars and conferences. These can inform you as you develop your initial plans.

  • Measure success and promote the team - the good work you and your team is doing for the community is a big deal. You are on the front lines of environmental impact and making the change happen. One great idea we heard was to appoint a department champion. Someone who is passionate about sustainability to share results, capture success stories, solicit feedback and attend community events.

My assessment / thoughts based on all of this feedback and discussion?

  • The pressure is challenging yet healthy... and the people in the jobs that are taking on the execution are really talented. Talented and committed to positive change.

  • Technology can help maximize ROI from sustainability and electrification efforts. Incorporate digital management tools that enable control, convenience, and reduction of friction in daily tasks... not just surfacing data that is tough to put into action.

  • Remember the impact that change has on the end user. If we don't make the day to day experience better and more efficient for those utilizing vehicles.... change will not take hold as fast as we need it to.

  • Embrace keyless vehicle sharing where you can and drive up asset utilization and loss prevention.

To all of the Fleet Managers out there… Keep up the fight! It’s making a difference. The industry and the community has your back.


Nick Villasenor is Vice President of Sales Strategy at Launch Mobility

Looking to join the conversation about fleet management innovation? Connect with me personally on linkedin


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